Our Vision and Mission


Who We Are

For twenty years, Whitefield Academy has pursued its mission, to provide a Christ-centered environment of classical academic excellence and to equip students for a life of learning and service to the glory of God.

That was the vision in the fall of 1995 when Whitefield opened its doors in 1995 with sixty students enrolled and a rented space in Westbrooke Church.

Over the following years, the student body grew, the school relocated and then split between two campuses, before finding our permanent home in the heart of Kansas City in 2004.

Today, Whitefield serves a community of more than two-hundred students and continues to build and enjoy its long tradition of excellence.

Our Classical Focus

Whitefield’s academic approach may be unique among most schools, but it is time-tested and extraordinarily effective.

Used to train students for more than 2,000 years, the Classical method works alongside the natural workings of a child’s mind through three developmental phases, grammar, logic and rhetoric. In addition to traditional academic subjects, Music, Athletics and Fine Arts are key components of a Classical education.

We can boast about our students’ academic achievements, but above all, the classically trained mind is a mind of wisdom. We cultivate students who can process facts and make well-reasoned decisions, who can write clearly and speak persuasively about ideas.

Our classical objective is to teach students how to think, rather than what to think.

There has never been a time of greater need for classical Christian education – the kind of education that produced the greatest thinkers and leaders in Western history, including America’s founding fathers.  Whitefield shapes the future leaders that our churches, communities and nation desperately need. It’s the model that makes Whitefield Academy unique in our community and so successful as a school. We produce students who have the ability to influence others, through their character, clarity of thought and communication. To learn more about classical Christian education, watch our FAQ video series.


Our Success Stories

We are dedicated to graduate every one of our students as a Critical Thinker, Clear Communicator, and Compassionate Leader, what we call “The Essential C’s.”

In this endeavor, we’re succeeding. Whitefield seniors averaged in the 90th percentile in the ACT and SAT standardized tests and qualified 100% of our students in the essay portion of the exam. This placed them higher than students in all of the public schools in Johnson County and Kansas City. Whitefield has also received the honor of being selected as one of the top ten private schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area by Kansas City Magazine.

One half of our graduates attend or have attended college on academic scholarships.

Six graduates have been recognized as National Merit Finalists, Semi-Finalists or Commended Scholars.

Average students, regardless of grade level or subject matter, routinely score in the top 10-15% nationally on standardized tests, including the ACT and SAT.

Our Community

We are blessed with a diverse student body, united in our faith and commitment to classical education. Families at Whitefield come from a variety of Christian backgrounds, and live throughout the Kansas City metro area. Whitefield serves as an extension of the family and a positive reinforcing influence in our students’ lives by partnering with parents in the classroom and at events throughout the year. Learn more about student, teacher and parent life at Whitefield Academy.

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